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Actualizada: 2022-09-27
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Greetings, hero! Start your adventure here, in a magical world full of secrets, dangers and treasures. Enjoy with your friends an immersion in a classic RPG and explore forgotten lands where evil reigns and chaos flourishes.

Features of the game:
- A large number of different characters, each is unique in its own way and has its own strength points. Choose the development path of your heroes. Assemble a team, strengthen them with powerful equipment and deal a crushing blow to your enemies.

-An incalculable number of combinations and types of strategies that will help you outwit the enemy on the battlefield and come out of the fight victorious.

- Explore the dungeon, which holds a lot of generous rewards and the deeper you go down, the more of them! But do not forget about the dangers that await you at every corner.

- Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of adventures on a huge world map, together with your friends and comrades in arms. Plunge into history and unravel all the secrets of this world.

- Take a leading position in the ratings in a variety of areas. Fight in the arena, get the highest rank, and leave your competitors behind.

- Collect a set of equipment, heroes and gems acquired from the dungeon. Your collection is the key to strength, power and recognition..
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